Understand your health risks without a doctor with Urban Health Check

Concerned about your health? Our 30-min health screenings are designed to detect potential health problems and provide you with expert guidance on how to avoid them.

Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes

We enable you to do your own health screening


We provide medical devices & consumables

Our medical devices are clinically tested for self-use

We provide audio and video instructions

No prior skill needed, we guide you step-by-step

We provide assistance on-demand

In case of any questions or issues, you are swiftly supported by our on-site assistance.
Millions of people can't get access to early diagnosis and prevention
The healthcare system is overwhelmed, and doctors only have enough time to treat people who are already sick. We want to make prevention accessible for all.

With Urban Health Check you can

Understand your health status

Test your health for early signs of serious and chronic health conditions, such as heart attacks, diabetes, depression, and more.

Avoid spending hours at the doctor's

Our health checks are 30-min long, and there's never waiting time involved. Your results are available to you immediately, and you can take action right away.

Get expert guidance and advice

Our health screenings and medical recommendations are developed by doctors and medical professionals with the goal to identify your biggest health risks and help you manage them.

Unlock the full power of your health data

Your health and personal data is fully controlled by you, and we help you use it to make better decisions in your everyday life, without jeopardising your privacy.

Why do our customers trust us?

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learned something new about their health
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found at least one undiagnosed health risk
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Take charge of your health in 3 simple steps

It's that easy.

Book a self-screening

Come for a 30-min Urban Health Check at one of our locations.It's fast and easy, and there's no waiting time involved.

Get a health risk assessment

Receive a personal health risk assessment that includes clear and concrete recommendations tailored to you. Everything is reviewed by our medical team.

Start your coaching program

Our digital health coaching plans are developed by medical experts and are personalised to you. Start building healthy habits with our daily tasks, tips, and challenges.

What can you test?

27 vital signs & health indicators

General Fitness: disease predisposition, temperature, hydration, BMI, musculoskeletal health, lifestyle assessment
Heart Health: blood pressure, cholesterol, EKG, heart rate
Lung Health: lung function, oxygen saturation
Metabolic Health: blood sugar, waist circumference, body fat, glucose in urine, ketones
Kidney & Liver health: bilirubin, urobilinogen, protein, pH
Bladder & Urinary Tract health: urine leucocytes, blood in urine, nitrite
Mental health: sleep quality, burnout risk, depression risk

Being in control of your health has never been so easy.

See for yourself.

Ready to get started?

Book your check-up or sign-up for our annual membership.

Urban Health Check

A single check-up at one of our modern locations
25+ health parameters analysed
Results immediately available in the app
Comprehensive health report to understand your biggest health risk areas in the app
Personalised medical recommendations on which next steps should be taken
A 6-week program created by our team based on the health check-up results

39 €

One-time purchase
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Urban Health 360

a combo of  screenings, doctor consultations, and health coaching
2 x health screenings per year
1 x complete blood test
2 x sessions with your personal prevention doctor
An annual coaching plan created by our team of medical experts
2 x 15-min sessions with your personal prevention doctor

199 €

Annual membership
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Based on the latest science and technology

Built upon research and clinical guidelines

We built our evidence-based algorithms on the latest medical guidelines and research. Our data-driven approach addresses the unique health risks of each user and provides them with validated and personalized lifestyle and habit recommendations.

Your data belongs to you - and only you

We encrypt your data and treat it confidentially at all times. Our AI uses anonymized data to preserve your data safe and secure, while still allowing machine learning algorithms to learn new patterns and improve our recommendations.

Ready to get started?

Book an Urban Health Check in your area or sign up for Urban Health 360.

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