Your company's health day - without the hassle.

Give us one room in your office for a day, and we'll take care of the rest.

Take things off your plate.

We know you have a lot on your plate, so health management of your employees might not be on top of your priorities list.

We want to help you show your employees you care, without stretching thin - and we have a way to do it: we offer a turn-key health day organisation for your team.

You just need to find a room in your office and give it to us for one day - we will take care of the rest

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Organise a health day in 6 simple steps

And show your employees you care

Select a date that works for you

Choose a date on which most employees are in the office and no other important company events are taking place.

🗓 When: 1-2 months before the event

Select the room

We make it as simple for your as it can get: you give us one room in your office space for one day and we take care of the rest. It can be a conference room, a meeting room, a call room - anything that can fit a desk and a chair, and has privacy.

🗓 When: 1 month before the event

Invite your employees to participate

Simply share the email with the booking link with your employees. Upon booking their slots, they will instantly be able to download the app, create their accounts and complete the onboarding questionnaire, which will help us to personalize their health risk assessment.

🗓 When: 2-3 weeks before the event
Download email template ->

Promote the health day internally

Marketing is always a good idea - the more people find out about the event, the more successful it will be for you. You can send informative emails, distribute flyers in the office, and give them to the teamleads for distributing in their own department, as well as make a post in the intranet.

🗓 When: 2-3 weeks before the event

Download flyer template ->
Download email template ->

Download intranet post template ->

Open the door for us on the day X :)

We arrive 1 hour before the event officially take place to set up the room and make sure employees have a great experience with us and you.

🗓 When: day X

Analyze the results

Get a complementary aggregate health day report, a bunch of happy employees, and gratitude from your management and colleagues for taking care of such an important topic.

🗓 When: 1 week after the health day

Are you ready to start?

Have a go at our product and then decide if you want to do it again or offer it to more employees

A turnkey health day for a special price

You pay a fixed price, on-site assistance included
We can perform up to 50 check-ups in one day

What's included

A 360° health assessment
A comprehensive onsite health screening followed by a 360° assessment report to make your employees aware of the risks
What's included?
🤒 Temperature
⚖️ BMI
🦿Musculoskeletal health
🙅 Burnout
😪 Depression
😴 Sleep quality
🌡 Blood pressure
💓 Heart rate

💨 Oxygen saturation
🫁 Lung Function
🍕 Body fat
📏 Waist circumference
🍬 Blood sugar
🧫 Bilirubin, leucocytes, protein, pH, urine density, blood in urine, nitrites, urobilinogen, glucose, ketones

Personalized health programs built on real health data
6-week health programs that help your employees take healthy actions daily and turn them into lasting lifestyle changes
What's included?
  • Personalised daily action suggestions based on the check-up results
  • Actions tackling all areas of health - nutrition, movement, mindfulness, sleep, mental health, and more
  • Continuous dynamic plan adjustment based on employee feedback, preferences, and health data
  • Possibility to add more data and track progress on decreasing risk assessments

Get additional benefits at no extra-cost

Improve the productivity of your team
Decrease sickness rate and burnout
Give remote employees equal health benefits
Attract and retain the best talent by showing you care
High engagement rate for your workforce

Question? We have answers.

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Do all employees get a personalized program?

My company has several locations, how does it work?

Do you have a plan for remote employees?

How can we measure the success and impact of the Health Day?

Can we request a trial or demonstration of the Health Day process?

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