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Urban Health Check

Measure 25+ health vitals & biomarkers at one of our modern pop-up locations
🍬 Blood glucose
🌡 Blood pressure
💓 Heart rate
🦿Musculoskeletal health
💨 Oxygen saturation
🫁 Lung function
🍕 Body fat
📏 Waist circumference
⚖️ BMI
🤒 Temperature
🦶 Lifestyle
🙅 Burnout
😪 Depression
😴 Sleep quality
🧫 Bilirubin
🧫 Leucocytes
🧫 Proteins
🧫 pH
🧫 Urine density
🧫 Blood in urine
🧫 Nitrites
🧫 Urobilinogen
🧫 Glucose
🧫 Ketones
Comprehensive health report to understand your biggest health risk areas in the app
Personalised medical recommendations on which next steps should be taken
A 6-week program created by our team based on the health check-up results


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Urban Health Abo

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