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Get to know Monika's story

Monika is a 44 year old engineer who works at a food logistics company. She's been there for the last 10 years and she's been very valuable to the company - she is reliable, driven, and good at what she does.

Unfortunately, because of her busy schedule and shift work, Monika hasn't had much time to take care of her health.

She doesn't know this yet, but her blood sugar level are on the rise and her health has started to deteriorate.

She takes more sick days, her performance at work is declining, which is causing stress for her manager and teammates.

In the next few years, Monika's poor health will cost her employer over 6000 € annually.
Millions of people share
the same story - every day

That, is where these shocking numbers come from

of employees are at risk for developing a serious chronic condition
6 245€
is lost on average on sick leaves per employee per year
18.5 days
are the average sick days per employee per year
of chronic diseases can be avoided

Want a different experience for your employees?

We have a way
360° health screenings for your employees
Reach onsite and remote employees with ease and let them track and manage their health from anywhere, at any time
Personalized health programs built on real health data
6-week health programs that help your employees shape healthy habits for lasting lifestyle changes

Build your own story in 7 simple steps

And help your employees live the healthy lives they deserve

Get your employees onboard

As easy as it can get: simply share the link with your employees. They will instantly be able to download the app, create their accounts and complete the onboarding questionnaire, which will help us to personalize their health risk assessment.

A game-like experience for a health screening

Your employees will have access to HealthCases where they can test more than 25 health parameters with easy-to-follow instructions. A personal health assistant will be available through video call in the app, in case of any questions.

Time to find out the health assessment results

Your employees receive their test results immediately. They can also request a personalized extended health report reviewed by our medical team within 48 hours, with a clear risk assessment and recommendations tailored to them.

Your employees dive into simple yet effective health programs

Our 6-week personal health programs will help your employees build healthy habits to improve all aspects of their health - one step at time.

You get to know your team's health risks

As an employer, you will receive reports with the aggregated and anonymized health data of your employees. The report includes current health status and risks, engagement, satisfaction and more.

Rebuild your corporate health, now based on real data

As an employer, you can make data-based decisions on how to mitigate your employees' health risks. The healthier your employees become, the less absences you have and the more productive is your team!

Manage your team's health with ease

Create an account with HealthCaters for Business and see for yourself how easy it is to:
  • Order HealthCases for your employees
  • Activate the subscription to our health programs
  • Add extended health reports reviewed by our medical team
  • Discover more cool features inside!

Get additional benefits at no extra-cost

Improve the productivity of your team
Decrease sickness rate and burnout
Give remote employees equal health benefits
Attract and retain the best talent by showing you care
High engagement rate for your workforce

Choose HealthCaters and make the smartest investment for your business

Invest in the health of your team and get your money back many times over
Current cost of sick leave
Average time
Minimum cost
Average sick leave per employee
1.5 days/month
Decreased productivity due to poor health
3 days/month
Doctor visits
0.5 days/month
In total
> 5 days/month
> €1000-€1500/month

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